Wednesday, 4 July 2012

part 3


Quite close to where Nan lived were some woods, and I decided that today I was going to go and explore, getting there presented a small problem as I want to do it dressed as a girl not as a boy.

We had risen and gone through our usual routine it was becoming easier for me as I was not getting aroused quite so much, which was a relief to my knob as it was feeling a little sorry for its self, but a good dose of cream of a night helped to keep it soft and supple.

I had told Nan of my plan and she helped me with my preparations, I dressed in a white suspender belt and black stockings and white full knickers I did not where the usual sanitary pad this time, a training bra and white petticoat. Over this I put on a shirt and a pair of loose fitting trousers making sure that the petticoat was tucked well down into the trouser so as not to show.

I put in a bag a dark lilac blouse and black pleated skirt, two spare pairs of knickers and a pair of lace trimmed white ankle socks, and finally a plastic mac in case of rain or to use as a sheet to sit on.

Sandwiches and a bottle of pop and I was ready for the off, quick trip to the loo and I was ready, I had to remember that I had to squat to pee just as I had to sit on the loo, no standing as boys do, I was a little girl.

I was ready for the off and before I left Nan gave me the once over to make sure all was ok and nothing could be seen. I left and started to walk to the woods. It felt good walking down the street wearing concealed girls clothes, looking at people knowing that they had no idea of what lay underneath my trousers and shirt. I could feel the rub of the suspender on my thighs the feel off my stocking legs brushing the inside of the trouser, very erotic.

I couldn’t wait to reach my goal as I wanted to get changed as quickly as possible. As it was a week day and even though the schools were on summer holiday it was reasonably quiet, for that I was grateful.

I entered and followed a path to where I had no idea but judging by the wear a not well used one, I had gone about half a mile into the wood when I found what I was looking for a dense bush that I could get under and change, although a bit cramped it would do.

I crawled in and got my things ready I took of my shirt and trousers revealing my petticoat I slipped on my skirt and blouse adjusted myself, had a look at myself in my compact mirror, put on a head scarf so I looked better or at least more like a girl from a distance anyway.

The relief and freedom I felt when I finally got into my gilrly clothes was great, I packed up my stuff and crawled back out, stood and smoothed my skirt and started on my exploration of the woods all the time keeping my ears and eyes open so I would not meet anyone.

The swirling of the skirt as I walked was a lovely feeling and as much as possible I tried to get it going, I skipped and jumped just so I could feel the breeze between my legs.

I had been walking for a while when I needed to pee, remembering who I was supposed to be I found a convenient bush lifted my skirts and pulled down my panties and relived myself as in stood I though how would it feel if I was knickerless, so I took them off and put them in my bag,

What a feeling I started walking and in no time at all I felt the hardness of my knob pressing against my petticoat, this had to be dealt with, so I walked on for a bit with this bulge sticking out waving from side to side rubbing against my petticoat, I thought that if I carried on like this I might be able to ejaculate without touching myself.

Wrong I needed to take myself in hand and quickly, I found a fallen tree to sit on, pulled up my skirts and took hold of the throbbing thing between my legs and shot a load straight out, it was dripping on to my hand as I stroked and stroked and when I stopped I looked at my hand and the fluid slowly sliding down. It was then that an odd thought popped into my head, “what did it taste like”, it was mine so how bad could it be.

I tested it with my tongue, did not get anything so I licked it, apart from it being a bit salty it was not that bad, so I licked most of it off my hand, wiped the rest with a hanky and got up but kept the knickers off. This gave me an idea for next time.

I continued walking for a while then started to head back not the way I had come but a different route. I was beginning to feel hungry so I found a nice sunny spot sat down and got the food out. I was sitting there thinking about how my young life had changed so dramatically over the last two weeks that I was not paying attention and was fortunate to hear people approaching my spot.

I quickly gathered up my stuff and moved off into the shade and hid behind a bush, it was quite exhilarating to stand there and watch these people 2 adults and 3 children come walking towards me, if only they knew, as they passed out of sight I waited for a few minutes before I ventured out of hiding.

They had gone and it was then that I noticed that I was aroused again it must have been me dressed as I was and their close proximity. I started to look for a suitable place to relieve myself, I knew what I was looking for but would I find it. As it happened I did not find a suitable place so I looked for somewhere secluded where I would not be disturbed.

I was young and supple so I could make do with lying on the ground. I put out the plastic mac as a ground sheet and laid on it lifting up my skirt and petticoat I started to rub my hard cock, when I felt that I was nearly there I stopped and lifted my legs up over my head so I looked like a letter “C” so that my cock was right above my mouth, in fact I could lick the end of it with my tongue. So in this position I started to rub again and it was not long before I shot a load all over my face, I had my mouth open so quite a lot of it went in there, hot, salty and thick. When I had finished I let my legs fall back down I stayed on my back allowing the liquid to run down my face and through my hair, the amount that was in my mouth was just sitting there I was unsure what to do with such a large amount. I swallowed it anyway.

To finish off I drank some pop to wash it down using my hanky I dried my face, repositioned the head scarf and headed home. As I neared the edge of the wood I found a suitable spot to change from girl to boy, outwardly anyway.

On the way back I was thinking about what I had just done and was it right, but then again I was dressed as a girl was that right. I arrived back and as I opened the door I could hear voices coming from the lounge, I peeped in through the crack in the door, there was an old lady talking to Nan, I did not know who it was so I tried to sneak past the door but I was seen and called in.

Sitting on the sofa was a lady of about 50 maybe a bit older and they we quite obviously talking about me, the lady was interested about where I had been, so I told her but not everything. Nan said why didn’t I go and change out of the boy’s clothes and into something nice.

I went off into our bedroom and stripped off the outer clothes and slipped into a nice floral print frock, I went into the bathroom to have a quick was and make sure that there were no telltale signs on my face. All ok I proceeded into the front room and sat next to the lady who was now introduced as Gwen.

It was only then that I noticed that Nan was wearing a negligee over her corset so I assumed that Gwen was a fitter of some sort. Wrong she was a friend of Nan’s who was also a corset wearing lady and part of a club that they both belonged to, and in the course of the afternoon’s chat I had been mentioned and she had stayed on to see if I wanted to join their next meeting where I could show of my girdles and corsets.

Lucky I was sitting down or it could have been rather embarrassing as I was getting quite excited in my knickers.

I said I would love to come (in more ways than one) , the next meeting was in two days in the afternoon at her house , so that was that we sat and chatted for a while and she left.

Nan was rather excited and said the tomorrow we would go and buy me some special undies and girdles for me to show off.

I couldn’t wait and went off to run a bath; there was no way I was going to bed without one after what I had done that day.

I started the bath running and went into the bedroom to undress Nan came in and said she would give me the bath, as I stripped down to panties and bra my erection became apparent to her and she just smiled. That can wait for the bath she said.

I left my panties on and slipped on a negligee and went into the bathroom, I checked the bath water and turned off the taps I pulled my panties off and removed the Dr. Whites towel form the belt it was quite well stained, so I binned it and finally stepped out of the belt and into the bath.

As I relaxed in the water it felt good I lay there waiting for Nan, who came in wearing a nice pink apron over her corset.

After washing me in the sitting position I stood so that she could wash the lower part of my body as she started on my groin I started to get an erection, now I was no longer embarrassed just waiting for something to happen. She took my hard cock in her hand and stated to rub up and down she took my other hand a placed it inside the top of her corset and told me to rub as I did so I could feel something under my fingers start to get hard and she started to breathe a little harder.

I tried to hold back as much as possible but I shot my load across the bath, she continued to rub until there was nothing left, after washing me down and drying me off she led me back into the bedroom where she had laid out some of her clothes for me to wear until bed time.

A pair of pink directiore knickers, a pink lace up corset and black stockings, white full petticoat and a black pleated skirt topped off with the most gorgeous pink blouse with a ruffled front and neck and for the first time jewellery.

She helped me on with the corset pulling the laces tight at the back, she then left me to complete the task telling me to call her when I had finished.

Stocking were a problem for me, they still are, back then the suspenders were bigger but now with the smaller ones I have a real problem. I finished dressing and found Nan in the kitchen preparing tea; I sat on a stool and watched as she told me that she was going to make me up, just like a girl.

We went back into the bedroom and she sat me on a stool in front of the dressing table where she proceeded to make me up with, mascara, rouge, powder and lipstick, the taste of lipstick on my lips was amazing, I was managing to keep my feeling in check it was hard but I managed. I now felt a proper girl the only thing left was nail polish and I would get my toe nails done tomorrow, but not the fingers as I would not be able to hide them.

After a while be beckoned and I started to head to the bedroom but Nan asked  me if I wanted to take the makeup off or leave it on, on was my reply, so I gave her a kiss and went to bed.