Wednesday, 6 November 2013

part 4

I woke early full of expectation as to what the day would bring buying clothes and in particular lingerie was becoming a very big thing and still is, I love going into a shop and buying lingerie for myself it is so exciting.

We went through the usual morning rituals except Nan asked me to wait to dress as I should wear something a little different, so I hand breakfast naked except for a white negligee.

After breakfast I went into the bedroom where I sat on the edge of the bed and waited whilst she went through drawers, finally she found what she was looking for.

A white panty girdle, she said that I needed to wear that as it would cover any bulges that might appear in my groin.

I put on the usual Dr. Whites and belt first then slipped on the girdle it is easy to see why they were called  roll-on’s, then a pair of stockings topped off with a pair of pink lace trimmed French knickers. I had a hard on that was trying to get out but the girdle held it back so that there was only a slight bump.

A pink full length petticoat trimmed with black lace, topped off with a white blouse and pink flared skirt, from the look on my face nan could tell that I wanted to play with myself, she looked at me a told me to wait as it would be better later. The pain from my groin was hard to take but it did subside.

In the sixties there were many shops that sold corsets and the like these days they have all but disappeared and the current stock of lingerie is nowhere near as feminine as it was, no petticoats for a start and that is what I miss the most.

Have helped her get dressed I loved to help her dress sitting on the edge of the bed holding her knickers as she put her feet in looking straight into the mound of hair that covered he slit. I put the suspenders into the top of her stockings first having held them for her to slide her leg into.

This was becoming unbearable  my cock was so hard that it was hurting when she had finished dressing I lifted  we were on our way first call was to her corset maker to see what she had in stock, whilst we were driving I said that I would like one to be pink if possible I love pink. My favourite feminine colours are pink, lemon and now as I am older lilac (I will explain lilac later). But if it has frills and lace I am interested regardless of the colour.

The corset maker was appointment only and we were expected and she had four corsets, one long line girdle and three roll-ons, I discounted those straight away. I went into the changing room and stripped off down to my knickers and Nan came in with the corsets, I tried them on and picked one that had laces up the back and big suspenders the front panel came down well below my crotch. The other one was a corselet but with suspenders I liked the feel of that, didn’t like the long line one though.

We decided to take the two and moved on to the next shop to see what they had Nan had mentioned something about a basque no idea what that was, but she also said that I needed special panties for this she would explain later.

As I had quite an extensive array of lingerie anyway and also had Nan’s that I could use it was only special items that we were now looking for.

We went for a cup of tea and while we were sitting there she explained that she wanted to get me a wig, brown same colour as mine. She also had an idea that if I wore a pair of crutch less panties tomorrow then I would cause quite a stir amongst the old ladies. I thought about this and was now at a point in time where my inhibitions were slowly dropping away, I was not embarrassed being seen in female attire by women but men was a different proposition.

She wanted me to go out tomorrow fully dressed and a girl made up, wig the lot it would be a first for both of us, but I was game if she thought I could pull it off.

We found the shop she was looking for up a little back street, they had what we were looking for and I got my wish a pink basque with a black lace trim and three pairs of crutch-less panties, white, pink and black. All that was left was the wig and she knew where to go for that. She asked me what style and I wanted just below the shoulder and straight, not a problem.

We headed home and the anticipation was building about what tomorrow might bring, Nan decided that we would have a late lunch out so we stopped at a pub just in time to order before they stopped serving lunches. In these bad old days pubs shut at 2:30pm and opened at 5:30pm.

She told me about tomorrow and how she thought I would enjoy it as I would be the centre of attention, there would be a bit of changing on my part but on the whole it would be fun.

When we arrived home I rushed into the bedroom and took off my clothes and the girdle the feeling as fresh air hit me between my legs was a relief, having ones cock restricted inside a girdle for a relatively long period is difficult.  I needed to pee badly and not forgetting my place went and sat on the toilet, finished powdered and washed, I decided that I would not get dressed properly so I slipped on a pair or black panties and bra and a white negligee and went into the front room and sat on the sofa to go through my recent purchases.

If I could I would only wear lingerie even now outer wear does not do it for me other than wedding dresses, bridesmaid or prom type with lots of underskirts.

Nan said that she would get a small case ready for tomorrow as I would need to take quite a few items with me as I was going to be changing into different things.

As I was young I had no worries about too much hair in places that would give it away (it being a boy) my legs arms and face were relatively free but to be sure Nan said she would shave my arms and legs tonight whilst having a bath.

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