Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Part 5

I awoke this day to the feel of a hand caressing my knob through my nightie, erect nipples pressing in my back, it was quite early and all I wanted to do was get going, I was really excited about what was to come this afternoon.
She rolled me onto my back lifted my nightie up and straddled me the same as last time I took her breasts in by hands feeling the erect nipples through the thin nylon of her nightie, it was much better this time as it went on longer I could tell she was enjoying it from the low moaning noise she was making and the long slow undulations sliding up and down, back and forth. Finally she let out a louder moan and shouted “yes, yes ,yes”, she kept on going until I had reached my climax and as my cock started to subside and the cum started to run back out of her slit she rolled off me and just lay there breathing hard with a smile on her face.
As we lay there I asked her if I could get some more petticoats bouffant style, lots of layers and swishing when you walk, and French knickers. I also wanted us to have matching night wear what type and colour I would leave up to her
As we bathed I washed between her legs and her breasts and before I knew it I was hard again, she could see this and said that we would save it for later.
After dressing in a roll on girdle and bra, stockings and my obligatory French knickers, I put on a full length yellow petticoat, today there would be no Dr. Whites as the flared skirt and petticoat I  was going to wear would hide any embarrassing bulges that might appear, as my knob would be encased by the girdle there should be no problem but is was open bottom, so might pop out.
Before we left nan made sure that I looked the part of a young girl make up and hair just right, all was ok so we headed off to the shops. It was about a 30 minute drive to where we were going and the excitement was building inside my girdle. The stockings stretched so tight against the suspenders that I could feel them against my skin and run my hand over them and feel them through my skirt and petticoat. I did not think I could keep this up for too long.
I often think about the feelings I had then and how my nan and I acted together more like sisters than anything else. I still think about those days long ago and the absolute abandoned happiness we had.
We arrived at the store and went straight to the lingerie department, my favourite place, still is, always get a hard on and would love to get it on in there the way we used to.
Nan picked out a few petticoats a style that was new to me they were lovely full skirted ones but rather than being waist slips they were full ones with a lace trimmed bodice, we went into the changing room where “nan would help her niece to try them on”, she was fully aware of my discomfort and the need to relieve the pressure was getting worse, pains in the nether regions were my period pains.
We closed the curtain and I took off my blouse and skirt then my petticoat, while I was doing this nan had removed her knickers and was then engaged in freeing my knob from behind my girdle, she said that there was no point wasting a good erection. So there I was with my French knickers round my ankles holding up the back of her skirt and petticoat, did not take long less than a minute but what a load she got. It was all I could do not to shout the possibility of being discovered always added that bit extra to the act.
I finished and I wiped myself and pulled up my knickers she put her panties back on and slipped a towel into the gusset just to catch the drips.
I wonder what people would say today if they knew what went on, it was so gradual that it felt right, not for one minute have I ever felt abused rather the opposite, I was jealous when our space was invaded and I could not act the part but had to revert to being a boy. I am sure that if my parents had ever found out what was going on they would have exploded. But the secret is still safe and will remain so until I die.
We bought the three slips and some more knickers, then we went to the nightie section. My second favourite place, it has always amazed me why women have such a variety of lingerie and men have sod all, far more interesting being a girl.
We bought a couple of nighties each and headed for the dress department, evening wear was what we were after, tonight we were having a small dinner party and I needed to be correctly attired. Only ladies would be there no men as they caused problems for me.

What I really wanted was a full length cocktail type dress with lots of skirts so that it swished when I walked, pink or lemon if that was possible.

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  1. Great story - do you have any more? Have you published other girly stories?